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Motor Vehicles and their Parts to be Affixed with Microdots

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Motor Vehicles and their Parts to be Affixed with Microdots

Why in news?

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has issued a draft notification GSR 521(E) dated 24thJuly 2019, amending Central Motor Vehicle Rules,allowing motor vehicles and their parts, components, assemblies, sub-assemblies to be affixed with permanent and nearly invisible microdots that can be read physically with a microscope and identified with ultraviolet light source.

What are Microdots?

Microdot technology involves spraying the body and parts of the vehicle or any other machine with microscopic dots, which give a unique identification.

Benefits of Microdots:

The use of this technology will help check the theft of vehicles and also the use of fake spare parts.  The microdots and adhesive will become permanent fixtures/affixation which cannot be removed without damaging the asset, that is the vehicle itself. The notification says that the microdots if affixed will have to comply with AIS 155 requirements.

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