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GEOGRAPHY 1: Free Mains Answer Writing Programme

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QUESTIONS GEOGRAPHY-1: Mains Answer Writing Programme

 Q1. What is “Bombogenesis” or “Bomb cyclone”? Examine why great plains of the USA are experiencing unusually extreme flood conditions these days. 
Q2. What is north Atlantic drift current? Explain the weakening of the North Atlantic drift current.
Q3. “Glaciers are an extensive and silent agent of landform formation.” Discuss the above statement by giving examples of various types of landforms of glaciation.
Q4. Recently scientists from the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Louisiana State University” have predicted that this spring’s record rainfall would produce one of the largest-ever “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico. In light of the above statement, what are the impacts of dead zones and how they can be reduced?
Q5. Explain the reason for the formation of a severe and mature cyclone like fani. What are the various impacts? Also, draw the trajectory of the cyclone.




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