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GEOGRAPHY 2: Free Mains Answer Writing Programme

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  • The answer should be written on the UPSC format Answer sheet.
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QUESTIONS GEOGRAPHY-2: Mains Answer Writing Programme

 Q1.Examine the pattern in interstate and intrastate migration from rural to urban areas in recent years and their underlying causes and benefits.
Q2.Examine the impact of planetary wind system of the earth on global climate and ecosystems.
Q3.Give comparative analysis of continental drift theory and plate tectonics. Explain how plate tectonics is up-gradation of continental drift theory.
Q4.What is the Indian monsoon? Give a 3D preview of synthetic theory and mention the role of jet streams?
Q5.Explain the concept of geomagnetism. List out the causes that make the earth to behave as a magnet. Discuss the Implication of the change in the earth’s magnetic field in recent geological past.




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